Academy Conference

On the 3rd & the 4th of November 2017 the Conference will take place in the MMC Multi Media Centre, Trg brodogradilišta 5, 52210, Rovinj
The meeting is in the centre of Rovinj.

Social Events

Welcome Party

On November 2nd 18:30-19:30 there is a Welcome drink (party)

Guided tour

Academy Dinner

On November 3rd the Academy Dinner 20:00 will be organised

General Information

Airports near Rovinje

Venice Airport-Rovinje City (3 hours by car)
Ljubljana Airport-Rovinje City (2 hours by car)
Zagreb Airport-Rovinje (City 3 hours by car)
There are special busses on the 2nd of November (arriving) and the 5th (leaving) for the participants arriving in Venice, Ljubljana and Zagreb.
Please contact
Sjef Rutte minimal a week in advance (deadline 26 October).
There are some airports more nearby; Pula and Rijeka (check connection flights for November)


Please book early your own Hotel! The IAMMM can't afford to finance the Hotel reservations!

Prices per room per night: € 60-€130. Citytax not included. Or try Airbnb !!!!